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Getting to Yes

In the post-recession economy, financing has become more challenging than ever before. “No” is the first answer to most questions posed to a lender.

CGS3 brings two important skills to the table when it comes to financing: our experience with the unique dynamics involved in the financing process and our knowledge about how financing, leasing and development all interrelate. We leverage this insight to determine when a “no” should be a “yes” and how to get the terms you need to protect your interests.

More than any other area, the benefit of bringing our services in at the commitment and loan application phase is essential as we aid in the process of addressing your pivotal terms. Often a lender fails to consider or does not understand the full scope of a real estate project, and we can help ”fill the gaps” of missing information to complete the picture and secure your financing.

We help you understand where you have leverage, where you don’t, and how to navigate the unique dynamics involved in the use of different financing vehicles to address your needs.