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Since its founding in 2013, CGS3 has become an industry leader in delivering sophisticated legal services exclusively to the commercial real estate industry.  Our "Different by Design" architecture is built upon a collaborative, flexible and egalitarian business model that attracts and retains only the best legal talent.  CGS3 aims to deliver a best-in-class client experience that always exceeds expectations and adjusts to changing needs and demands as well as emerging market trends.  

From the beginning, we designed our platform on four key ideas – we call them "the Four C's of the Cube":

Collegiality.  We believe that professional support and a congenial work environment are fundamental tenets to a successful business culture.  CGS3 attorneys work together in a tightly knit environment that promotes a true understanding of the value of each other's practice areas and skill sets.  We eschew traditional compensation metrics such as origination credit, realization and hours billed, subscribing instead to a "rising tide lifts all boats" philosophy focused on the long game of private practice law.  We promote collaboration over competition and maintain a culture that fosters accountability, communication and camaraderie among our team.  There are no egos and no hierarchy in the Cube.

Control.  We are committed to inspiring and empowering each of our attorneys to actively engage in the management of the firm.  In some ways, our model is a throwback to traditional law firm management where every lawyer treated it as their own business.  However, we cast off the traditional bi-modal approach of lock-step associate advancement (and the annual hourly rate increases that go with it), and we welcome flextime, part-time and non-partner track lawyers as valuable colleagues.  Regardless of their individual roles or tracks, our attorneys retain personal control over their professional career, including flexibility and freedom in structuring sensible fee arrangements and scheduling working hours to provide for a meaningful work-life balance – all without the negative consequences and institutional stigmas applied by our Big Law competitors.

Compensation.  Our compensation principles can be summed up in a single word: meritocracy.  At CGS3, we believe in rewarding productivity and incentivizing good behavior that is consistent with our revered Core Values and our collective ethos.  As a result, we believe in and actively cultivate a firm culture where success is defined and measured by the group – not the individual.  We eliminated partner legacy costs and maintain low overhead, further supporting our ability to offer highly competitive pay and generous benefits.  There is no place for sharp elbows at the CGS3 compensation table.

Conflicts.  By focusing the scope of our work exclusively to the commercial real estate sector, we naturally limit the number of conflicts generated – and avoid the unintended pitfalls of trying to be all things to all people.  When conflicts do emerge, we resolve them based on what is ethical and best for the respective clients involved, not what is best for the firm's collections.  There are no politics in resolving conflicts when every client is a firm client.

At a Glance


At CGS3, we foster a culture as unique as what you bring to the table.

  • Our team is made up of top commercial real estate legal talent with all team members having “Big Law” and/or senior in-house commercial real estate experience.
  • We approach business development in a collaborative manner aimed at fostering a team approach to the practice of law.
  • Our firm management emphasizes collegiality, culture, and respect.
  • We hold a "rising tide lifts all boats" mentality that permeates all aspects of firm life.
  • We have a national, regional and local reach across all transactions and asset types.
  • We offer a stable, marquee client base.


CGS3 is a well-rounded firm that seeks to support and inspire its team members in all aspects of their lives.

  • Merit-based advancement
  • A competitive compensation system that measures value based upon our lawyers’ adherence to the firm’s Core Values, not on traditional metrics like origination credit, realization and hours billed
  • Flexible work arrangements for attorneys and professional support staff
  • A generous benefits package
  • Investment in the professional and reputational development of all team members
  • Recognition of the value of each person's practice and skills


We believe respect, empowerment and engagement build better teams. 

  • Attorneys control their practices and are encouraged to develop services and fee arrangements that make sense for their clients and the firm.
  • We build formalized client teams that lead to natural cross-selling and practice awareness.
  • We host regular team-building events to encourage stronger interpersonal connections and a deeper understanding of each other and our firm.
  • We have an active commitment to diversity, inclusion and encouraging cultural understanding.

CGS3 is an equal opportunity employer.