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As CGS3, we are all different.  Our life experience, politics, races, religions, ages, gender identities and expression, and abilities all vary.  We believe those differences are our superpower and should be supported and encouraged.  Part of the secret of CGS3 is to use our differences to help create innovative, out-of-the box legal solutions for our clients because there is not a single way of looking at the world and there is not a single way of approaching and solving legal and business problems.  Diversity and inclusion are foundational ideas for our team and the concepts undergird our practice of law. 

CGS3 is committed to cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity, inclusion, and inter-connectedness.  We warmly welcome all candidates, and we look for the broadest possible spectrum of opinions, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, national origin, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation and beliefs.  Our commitment to diversity and inclusion does not end with recruitment; we are also committed to creating a culture that allows all of our team members to be welcomed, valued and included.

To help foster greater diversity and inclusion at our firm and in our community, as well as to help promote equal access to justice, CGS3 participates in these important initiatives:

  • Client Inclusion.  CGS3 recognizes that new business founders and entrepreneurs all face particular challenges and that those hurdles are even higher for founders and entrepreneurs who have faced historical discrimination.  Therefore, CGS3 works with such founders and entrepreneurs to provide CGS3 services at an initial discount.  We do this to work to ensure that the traditionally disadvantaged business community has equal access to justice.
  • Recruiting.  One of the hurdles we have faced in ensuring that we remain diverse is attorney recruitment.  Therefore, we created the Stacey Curry Memorial CGS3 Inclusiveness Scholarship at USD School of Law, which provides tuition assistance to a BIPOC law student who has demonstrated an interest in practicing in the area of commercial real estate.  This scholarship provides money for tuition as well as mentoring and networking for the recipient-student. 

At CGS3, being different by design defines our purpose and identity.  We believe that the world changes when we do.  We invite you to be that change with us.