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Aggressive Protection Through Dispute Deterrence

CGS3 helps clients maximize their commercial real estate investments through a combination of pre-emptive dispute avoidance tactics and innovative litigation strategy.

Legal risk management is at the core of everything we do. Litigators are an integral part of our deal team and provide an added layer of insight for clients looking to maximize business opportunities while still minimizing the potential for disputes down the road.

When disputes do arise, we are aggressive but pragmatic advocates who develop strategies based on our clients’ underlying business interests, not our personal courtroom styles and preferences.

That may require a protracted courtroom battle but, more often than not, it means negotiating behind the scenes to resolve disagreements quickly and efficiently. Regardless of the legal strategy, we put business results over moral victories to achieve the best result in the most cost-effective way possible.

Our services fall into three specific categories:

Dispute prevention: We integrate our litigation know-how into the deal making process to try to ensure at the beginning of the deal process that disputes will be avoided, and, if a dispute is unavoidable, to ensure that you are best positioned to prevail.

Pre-litigation Strategy: Early case assessment of disputes to help identify pragmatic solutions that make business sense.

Litigation Defense: Aggressive protection of your interests should a dispute result in litigation.