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Breaking the Mold

By definition, commercial real estate development comes with high risk and the potential for significant liability should something not go according to plan. CGS3 helps you navigate the full scope of a project and develop a strategy based on your specific needs.

From architect to contractor to consultant, standard industry form agreements are used for development projects. Unfortunately, most of these standard forms do not properly address or define key areas of responsibility, such as indemnification, concealed conditions and allocation of risk. Our market knowledge and experience help us anticipate potential problems and properly modify these form agreements in order to protect your interests without alienating your project design and construction team.

We don’t practice law in isolation. Every party involved has interests to protect should something go wrong, and agreements between one set of parties directly impact agreements among others. Your negotiation strategy depends on a number of factors: your tolerance for risk, availability of time, type of property, future use and exit strategy. We look at all of these dimensions to determine your risk and exposure to help you properly allocate development risk among the project’s parties.