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The Finer Points of PSAs During COVID-19

April 27, 2020 CGS3 Buying & Selling

Flexibility is the key word in today’s real estate environment as buyers and sellers try to incorporate new strategies into the structure and negotiation of their purchase and sale agreements.

Since the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic are likely to be felt for the foreseeable future, it’s not too soon for real estate owners and operators of all asset classes to pay close attention to the finer points of their deals.  While both buyers and sellers demonstrate an unusual willingness to compromise on issues like times, they are being particularly cautious, layering on more provisions and contingencies that focus on the pandemic and the current economic uncertainty.

In a recent in-depth article on Law360, CGS3 partner David Alvarado  and associate Cheryl Brechlin  provide a thorough guideline and important considerations for successfully navigating purchase and sale transactions during these unprecedented times.

Read the full article on Law360 here(subscription required).