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The Real Estate Industry’s Technological Evolution

May 20, 2024 Chanel Di Blasi Commercial Real Estate

Many believe that the digital transformation of the real estate industry is driving efficiency and improving transparency, even resulting in the portmanteau, “Proptech,” a blending of the words property and technology.

A young, tech-oriented generation has fully embraced this digital revolution ­ – from artificial intelligence and cloud computing to mobile solutions and data analytics – resulting in more and more real estate companies’ adaptation of new and more sophisticated technologies.  

The technological revolution is growing and evolving, creating remarkable change and opportunity.  For real estate professionals – and other related industries – it is time to embrace the change and learn how to use these powerful tools to gain a competitive edge.  Our attorney Chanel Di Blasi writes about the latest technology impacting the real estate industry in a recent issue of Minority Business Review.

The full article can be read here.