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Must-Haves for EB-5 Success

February 5, 2016 CGS3 Commercial Real Estate

In Part 2 of a recent GlobeSt exclusive interview with CGS3’s Phil Jelsma, the issue of what makes use of the EB-5 program successful is addressed. Jelsma states as a key takeaway that “Investors in EB-5 development projects must ensure the targeted project has some key characteristics including a developer with equity in the project, adequate resources and a strong development track record.”

The interview continues by discussing how developers across the nation have successfully used the EB-5 program to fund projects such as large commercial-property developments, casinos, hotels, assisted-living facilities, manufacturing plants, mixed-use projects and more — gathering large amounts of capital in varying forms, from a handful of investors to large groups of 100 plus.

Jelsma also answers the following relevant questions the CRE community should know to be successful with their use of the EB-5 program:

  • Why types of EB-5 investment options are offered?
  • How can investors successfully use EB-5 financing?
  • What are risks associated with EB 5 financing?

The full article can be read here.